Conference Place

The conference venue is located at  Polytech Nancy closed to Nancy downtown by Bus.

Few words on Nancy: Grand Nancy is an urban area with 300,000 people located at the heart of the cross-border cooperation area called the Grande Region and is devoted to innovation creation and knowledge. It is a place where know-how and industry have always had a strong connection.

The sites include the royal Place Stanislas which is one of three 18th century sites in Nancy listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. There are many things to explore while walking through the city or visiting one of its six museums. Grand Nancy has consistently been a cultural and artistic centre throughout history and has admirable buildings and artefacts from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, the Art Nouveau era and modern times. Many exhibitions and major cultural events are organized here, encompassing a wide range of interests, such as architecture, fine arts, design, science and technology. The Opéra National de Lorraine, the Centre National Chorégraphique, the Centre Dramatique National and many other performance venues have dense programmes which enable creation to flourish.

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A 90 minutes journey from Paris by the TGV high-speed train. Grand Nancy is connected to major cities by the high-speed rail network right in the city center, by Europe’s North‑South and East‑West motorways and by air routes.